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Du changement s’annonce sur ce site !

C’est en effet après 6 mois que ce site a vu le jour, qu’il va de nouveau subir quelques modifications.
Je suis en train d’approfondir mon positionnement pour qu’il me colle plus à la peau & vous parle davantage !


– Directrice artistique –
– Graphiste engagée –

From the independent organic shop to the self-employed person launching his business or to the brands who want to promote their products; I help you on your future communication which corresponds to you & which will be able to put you forward as much as your projects.

My mission is to help you create an image that will reflect you at your best.


You are anorganic store/brand, an entrepreneur, a craftsman... or a person committed to the quest for better living...
You have the desire to positively change what surrounds you. You advocateecology, wellness, feminism,commitment,equality... & all those other values we share.

You wish to have a brand image
that represents you and makes you vibrate.
You want your communication to convey the messages you advocate on a daily basis and that you will be proud to share. Either an identity that will represent you & carry your ideas as well as possible.

You are unique! So is your brand!
Let's highlight this difference.

Your need

You've been running your business from the beginning without giving up anything, but your communication attracts fewer people and you don't know how to restart it.

You are aware of the importance of having an identity that corresponds as closely as possible to who you are & your business.
You are on your way to create your business but you don't know how to do it because you are lost in the world of communication.

& it's normal! It's not your job. You have an area of expertise that is quite different. Lucky for you, this is my domain!

an impactful identity for a communication adapted to your target audience

A communication in your image allows you to stand out from the others.
You can then develop your communication to make yourself better known and thus attract the right people.

My mission

As you will have understood, my mission is to accompany you in your growth by working on the image that you will send back.
I want to help you to make your image stand out! May your brand be the one we'll be talking about tomorrow, may it be in every mouth & in our daily lives.

It is important for me to link the values I defend with my exciting work. I aspire to work on projects & that advocate different modes of consumption and thought that would be more conscious and more respectful (of Woman & Man, nature, animals...).

I'm here to accompany you and advise you.

Why I'm the right person for you

I have been in the vast world of communication for 7 years now. My path has taken different forms: pure publishing, digital communication in an agency, signage in an association before taking a path closer to nature by going to work in an agency that only collaborates with organic brands.
I found a very wide field that corresponds to my values.

It is therefore quite naturally that I wanted to continue working mainly on projects related to living things & beautiful causes.
My knowledge in this field will be a plus to accompany you on your own path.

Jeremy Lopez, manager of the BEEBIO organic store

“Céline nous a réalisés de la PLV et de la signalétique pour notre magasin, ainsi que des plaquettes pour une soirée d’inauguration!
Nous sommes très satisfaits de ses réalisations, et pensons de nouveau à réaliser des projets avec elle, notamment notre site internet!

Urgently recommended!"

Ivanne Poussier, CEO & Co-founder of Ada Coworking & Learning Animal

"Céline has accompanied us in an ambitious editorial project, as art director and graphic designer: the book Sisters of Arms. This publication dedicated to women's cowork spaces took the form of a high-end magazine, published simultaneously in 2 formats (print and ebook) and in 2 languages (French and English). Céline was able to deploy an unparalleled agility to take up this challenge at our side. Endowed with a rare ability to listen, she immediately took ownership of the brief and made pertinent suggestions throughout the creation process. Rigorous and reactive, she did a remarkable job. I sincerely hope to continue our collaboration with future projects."

Gilles Lecat, Web Developer

"After meeting Celine, I chose a while later to use her for my logo. Éso many complementary activities, we quickly understood each other, and she was able to offer me creative directions that appealed to me.

I recommend Céline, and I think I'll be calling on her myself for other requests in the near future.

Maxime Carpentier, Independent record dealer

"I was looking for the skill of a graphic designer with an interest in drawing. Céline designed the logo for my record store, accompanied by a typeface that she drew by hand with all the artistic possibilities that the music industry allows.
With a lot of involvement, she sent me proposals, variants to guide the brainstorming until the delivery of the visual. The logo is a great success and was unanimously approved by my entourage.
I hope to collaborate again with Celine for future communication supports. ”

My latest work